Where To Advertise Puppies? Top 15 Sites That Convert Your Puppy Ads Into Cash Quickly!

You’ve started your kennel. You have your breeding dogs. You may even have bred your dogs and are currently waiting for your new puppies to arrive. At this point, you may be asking yourself where to advertise puppies for sale?

Often, when we begin breeding, our focus is on all the leg work getting to that stage where our dogs are ready to be bred. However, once we have puppies on the ground, we often wonder…now what?

Of course, the what is that you want to sell your puppies…but how do you accomplish this. How do you, a new breeder, lead potential puppy buyers to your website, Facebook page or your kennel as a whole? The answer isn’t always easy, and I recommend that you learn everything you can about setting up your kennel first.

Once you have done that, it is time to really get to work with advertising. Thankfully, there are a ton of places out there for breeders…both new and experienced…to advertise and that list keeps improving every year.

Where to Advertise Puppies? The Top 15 Sites

#1 AKC Marketplace

Where to advertise puppies? AKC Marketplace is an expanding puppy sales and dog services site dedicated to registered AKC dogs.

If you are an AKC breeder, especially an American breeder, with AKC registered puppies, then the top site to advertise on is the AKC Marketplace. Out of all the puppy sale sites listed, this is the only marketplace designed by the American Kennel Club to help puppy buyers connect with breeders.

Right now, it currently offers advertisements to both dog breeders and dog groomers, however, it is hoping to expand to vets and other canine professionals.

But right now, it is an excellent resource to get your litters noticed. Since it is run by the AKC, there are stipulations that you need to follow with it.

  • 1
    You must be an AKC Breeder in good standard.
  • 2
    All litters need to be registered with the AKC.
  • 3
    You should be open to Breeder of Merit and Bred with H.E.A.R.T Programs, which means continuing your education and proper health testing for your dogs.
  • 4
    Be ready for kennel inspections by the AKC.

This isn’t an issue for a kennel that is working toward reputable breeding and the access to education programs and awards makes it an incentive to join.

It is important to note that you do have to pay for the AKC Marketplace and will spend about $10 a month or $99 a year for unlimited access to the service. Membership comes with the following:

  • Unlimited litter listings
  • Dedicated profile page for your kennel
  • AKC.org vanity URL

And you can also track the number of hits your page receives with their Profile page analytics. Out of all the puppy sale sites in our list, this is the one we recommend you advertise on first if you are an AKC breeder.

#2: CKC Puppy List

Where to advertise puppies? CKC puppy list is one of the top Canadian puppy sales sites

When we mention CKC, it should be noted that we are talking about the Canadian Kennel Club, which is a sister registry to the AKC. In fact, AKC and CKC registered dogs often find their way into each other’s pedigrees and kennels with very little difficulty.

Like the AKC marketplace, the CKC is dedicated to reputable breeders who are producing CKC registered, purebred puppies. It is not open to breeders who do not breed registered puppies or who breed mixed or designer breeds.

That means that having your kennel listed ensures that your kennel will be noticed by puppy buyers interested in a top-quality dog. Like the AKC Marketplace, breeders do have some requirements before they can be listed in the Puppy Lists. These are:

  • 1
    Adhering to the CKC Code of Ethics and Code of Practice for CKC Member Breeders.
  • 2
    Following proper breeding and maintenance guidelines.
  • 3
    Following proper puppy care and selling policies as outlined by the CKC.
  • 4
    Supplying puppy buyers with a CKC Certificate of Registration within 6 months from time of purchase.

While there are requirements, the cost of the list is included in your CKC membership. Although schedule of fees is updated yearly, the cost for a basic listing and membership is around $55 per year. For an enhanced listing with membership plus, the cost is around $110 per year.

Breeders should note that memberships help reduce the cost of registering puppies with the CKC and it is recommended for all CKC breeders to have an active membership with the club. So, with that in mind, the actual listing is free with your membership.

It should also be noted that you can’t list current litters and are simply listing your kennel information for people to find you.

#3: Facebook Puppy Sale Sites

Where to advertise puppies? Facebook is filled with tens of thousands of breed and puppy sales sites. Connect with puppy buyers on the social media network.

First, I should say that advertising puppies for sale is against Facebook rules. In fact, Facebook is not where to advertise puppies. Instead, it is a place to promote your puppies.

You are not allowed to mention sales of puppies on any pages. This includes personal pages, kennel pages or group pages, even if they are listed as a for sale breeders’ site. However, there are work arounds with Facebook rules with selling puppies. In addition, Facebook can be a valuable tool for your kennel.

Okay, before we get into the advertising aspect, I want to stress the importance of having a Facebook page for your kennel. This is a great place to showcase your dogs and everything you are doing with them. In addition, you can show off puppies and litters that are available without discussing price or sales information right on the page.

In fact, that is often the work around for Facebook. While you can’t publicly list puppies for sale with price information, you can post puppies up on a page as available. When people contact you, direct them to your email or private message them the details. Facebook allows it as long as it is not publicly listed.

However, even without sales, having a public profile on Facebook will bring families to you. Many people will connect with breeders in their area along with breeders involved in the breeds they are interested in. While you may not have a ton of puppy buyers initially, as you get better known, the people who have friended you on Facebook may purchase a puppy from you in the future.

Another great strategy to make Facebook work for you is to join breed groups for your specific breed. Again, you are connecting with people and while many groups have no puppy listing rules, you can create friendships within the community as a resource for both information about the breed and breeding.

Finally, check out breeding groups. Again, some let you advertise puppies, and some don’t, however, they can be an invaluable place to get input and help with your own questions regarding breeding.

#4: PuppyFind

Where to advertise puppies? PuppyFind is very popular when it comes to puppy sales sites but it is a great place to start advertising.

If you are looking for a site to list individual puppies for sale, then PuppyFind is a popular one. In fact, it’s popularity may make it a negative when it comes to the more popular breeds.

However, since it is inexpensive to list a litter, it is worth using since you get a lot of exposure from the traffic it generates. While the site is primarily for dogs in the United States, you can find some breeders in Canada and Europe posting on the site.

First, breeders should be aware that the PuppyFind service is free. You can list puppies or browse for them without having to invest any money. The negative to this is that if no one pays out money, no one can contact the other.

If it is your first-time litter, you may not want to invest in the fee but remember that will limit the number of people contacting you. Either the puppy buyer must purchase a subscription, or you do. If you plan to advertise more than one litter in a year, it is a great plan to invest the $19.99 monthly subscription fee.

By doing this, you will have full access to the site and puppy buyers can contact you without having to invest in a subscription. This is the best option because it shows buyers that you are thinking about them right from the very start.

PuppyFind itself is a very popular site and many potential puppy buyers search this sight when looking for a puppy. They list puppies according to breed and you can further sort them by age, sex and even by traits such as homelessness or Topdog ratings. This makes it easy for puppy buyers to find the best puppy for their family, which could be yours.

#5: EuroBreeder

Where to advertise puppies? Eurobreeder is a basic site but is an extensive list for breeders to join.

EuroBreeder isn’t really a site to list individual litters, but it is a site to advertise your kennel as a whole. Like several of the sites in this list, EuroBreeder is primarily for European breeders. It is a simple site that doesn’t have a lot of the bells and whistles that other sites have but it is an excellent site to advertise on.

The main reason why I say this is because EuroBreeder is completely free to place a URL ad that links to your website. This ad can also feature a small blurb of information about your kennel, which will allow you to showcase both your services as a breeder and the dogs in your kennel.

When you place an URL ad, it shows your country flag and also a thumbnail of your website. If a potential puppy buyer clicks on your ad, it takes them directly to your website. This is a positive since you won’t have to check the site for messages.

As a negative, you can’t advertise litters. In addition, you are simply placed in a list, in no set order from what I can see, and your ad may be buried pages down under other breeders who have also listed.

Still, for a free site, it’s worth taking the five minutes to list on it.

#6: Breeder Puppy Sale Sites

Where to advertise puppies? Join breed clubs for your breed to help promote your kennel and litters.

This isn’t a set website…it is hundreds of websites around the world, whether you are in the United States, Canada, Australia or throughout Europe, but it is often one of the best places that you can advertise as a breeder.

Almost every breed club, and every local club will have listings for breeders to post up their information. They don’t often have a list of puppies currently available, however, they are better for those evergreen ads (ads that run continuously, promoting your kennel instead of individual litters) that breeders rely on.

If you have decided on a breed, I recommend trying to join a local club and a breed club as well. That way you will be able to stay up to date with what is happening in both your breed and your area.

In addition, you’ll be listed as a reputable breeder and when people are looking for your breed, they will come across your listing. This exposure, while you may not even notice it directly, will greatly impact the demand for your puppies.

Breeders who are visible with breed clubs usually have dogs higher in demand than other breeders who do not.

To give you an idea of what a breed list looks like, I’ve used a photo of the Canadian Mastiff Club and their breeder list. Many breed lists are basic like this; however, some are more involved with photos and actual ads being featured on pages.

#7: VIP Pets

Where to advertise puppies?  VIP Pets is one of many emerging puppy sale sites offering breeder packages to promote their litters.

Another American site that lists puppies is VIP Pets. When it comes to answering the question ‘Where to sell puppies?’, this is a great answer. It is a cute site that asks potential puppy buyers a few questions and then matches them with a breed. While most puppy buyers know the breed they want, it is a great, interactive site that looks very professional.

Which also helps reflect positively on you as a breeder. You want to always work with sites that have a professional look. The site seems to be new, but it offers two services.

  • 1
    You can be listed as a breeder on the breeder’s list
  • 2
    You can post individual puppy ads for each puppy you have. This gives you the benefit of selling puppies when they are here and constant exposure between litters.

A problem with VIP Pets is that it is still fairly new so it doesn’t have much traffic heading to it yet. However, it also means that, unlike a lot of other sites, you aren’t being buried by hundreds or thousands of other ads.

Getting in on the ground floor means that your business will grow with VIP Pets. The site does have a fee of 19.95, which includes a free mini website and will list you as a VIP breeder.

#8: Kijiji Puppy Sale Sites

Where to advertise puppies?  A Canadian site for selling just about everything, they also have a section for pets.

This is for Canadian breeders and there are some who do not recommend Kijiji as a place to advertise litters from reputable breeders. However, I disagree with this choice for several reasons.

First, many Canadians rely on Kijiji to purchase or sell items. In fact, it has become so popular that more than 12 million Canadians visit Kijiji each month. In addition, 42% of Canadians have used the site on a regular basis.

While Kijiji offers a wide arrange of items from new to used, they also have a section devoted solely for pets, including an active dog category. Originally, many puppy mills and backyard breeders used Kijiji, however, as it became more popular, more and more rescue sites started using kijiji to advertise adoption opportunities.

And more and more puppy buyers went to Kijiji first to look for a new puppy, which means that their first place to get a puppy, if they aren’t adopting from a shelter, is from a backyard breeder or puppy mill.

Although I wouldn’t recommend it as the only place to advertise, I feel that Kijiji and puppy buyers would benefit greatly if reputable breeders advertised on the site. Not only will you have exposure to 12 million people every month, you will be able to educate puppy buyers on what to look for in a breeder.

It is important to note that advertising a puppy on Kijiji is not free. The base rate is roughly $15 per month and you must pay additional charges to bump up the ad or to make it a top ad. However, the cost is definitely worth it, and you will usually see at least 5 replies to you add every week…and sometimes every day.

#9: Wuuff

Where to advertise puppies?  Wuuff is a popular and easy to use puppy sale site for European breeders.

First, and foremost, Wuuff allows breeders to list their puppies for free. Like many other sites in our where to advertise puppies list, breeders can put up whole litters or individual dogs. Once they do, breeders have a direct line to puppy buyers who can contact them to purchase a puppy.

However, once contact is made, Wuuff offers a wide range of services including informing both buyers and breeders of responsibilities and background checks. In addition, they can spend time on Wuuff building trust between the two.

Once a sale does take place, buyers can send deposits and payments through Wuuff, which can be a secure way of processing payments. If travel arrangements need to be made, Wuuff has an additional service where they will arrange safe transit for puppies. And they will also arrange for all transactions to be done so in a secure and confident way.

Since Wuuff does charge additional fees for further services, breeders should be aware of the costs before they use it. However, for a place to advertise for free, Wuuff is an excellent site for European breeders.

#10: Canadian Dogs

Where to advertise puppies?  Another great resource for Canadian breeders, I recommend checking it out even if you don't live in Canada.

Although this is less of a puppy sale site, I wanted to touch base on this page. First, it is a magazine that is all about dogs. It is sold across the country and in several other countries.

In addition, you can purchase advertisement space in the actual magazine (both hardcopy and online versions) to showcase your up and coming show dogs or your kennel.

This will bring your advertisements into other avenues and will give you a place for your evergreen ads that let people know about your kennel program, if not your individual litters.

When you advertise with Canadian Dogs, you will spend a bit more than other puppy sale sites. The reason for this is that you are purchasing an annual ad for both print and online. The very basic package is only $99 dollars for a basic text ad. However, if you really want to showcase your dog and your kennel, you can place an ad for $249 that offers a host of perks, including:

  • One of your dog’s images featured in the breed category
  • 50 Word Text Listing
  • Online Listing
  • Online Breed Feature 
  • Copy of Canadian Dogs Annual

Or you can bump it up to $550+ to shine a spotlight on your dogs and your kennel with ¼ to double page ads.

When you are first starting out, I don’t recommend that you start with Canadian Dogs, however, as your kennel grows, especially if you are showing and winning, this is a great way to get your name and your dogs into the public spotlight.

#11: EUPuppyFind

Where to advertise puppies?  EUpuppyfind is a new site but quickly gaining popularity in puppy sale sites.

Another new site, this is a great site to advertise your puppies. Again, this is a site dedicated to European countries and it offers several services to their breeders.

First, the site offers a free place to advertise for breeders. It is open to all European breeders; however, it is primarily viewed by Hungarian puppy buyers…although it is expanding to foreign buyers around the world.

Second, the site does offer translation services, so you can have your advertisements from your language to English. This is a very important feature, especially if you are trying to market to foreign puppy buyers and not just those in your country.

Third, and finally, the site will work as a liaison and will help set up delivery for your puppy to get to his new home. This makes selling puppies even easier as well as makes figuring out where to advertise puppies a no-brainer…clearly, European buyers should take advantage of the services offered by EUpuppyfind.

#12: MyPetSearch

Where to advertise puppies? My pet search is an up and coming puppy sale site that is great for new breeders looking for inexpensive ways to advertise their kennel.

Another up and coming puppy sale site, MyPetSearch has many of the same positives that VIP Pets have. First, there isn’t a lot of competition on the site yet so when potential puppy buyers search for a puppy, they will find your listing faster.

Second, the cost is low. In fact, you can start off with a free listing to test out the site as you like. As your kennel or need grows, you can increase your membership until you are a premium member with your listing appearing in 10 categories, Top Tier searches and it allows you to add links to your website in your ad.

Like many of the puppy sale sites on this list, you don’t list individual litters, but, instead, run an evergreen ad about your kennel. One nice thing about MyPetSearch is that you can add multiple photos to your ad so people can see all of the amazing dogs and puppies your kennel produces.

For a free to $19.99 a month service, that feature alone is worth listing on the site.

#13: Europe Dogs

Where to advertise puppies?  Europe Dogs is more than just puppies, it is a great place to advertise any dog business.

More than just a where to advertise puppies’ site, Europedogs is the whole package with services for everyone in the dog industry. Breeders, groomers, veterinarians, dog hotels and daycares and so many other businesses are listed on the site and can advertise.

Potential puppy buyers and dog lovers alike, can access the advertisements and find the very best for their dogs…including the very best start. And that begins with you and your kennel. You can offer high quality ads for both your litters and your kennels.

The reason for this is because Europedogs offers free advertising to breeders in three ways.

  • 1
    Litter/Puppy Ads: You can showcase a litter or individual puppy for sale in an individual ad with photos and a description of the puppy. These are monthly ads that you will need to renew if they are still available.
  • 2
    Kennel Ads: Another free advertisement, these are yearly ads where you can list your kennel. Perfect for those periods when you don’t want to spend on advertising, but you want to have your kennel out there for people to see. Again, you can add photos and all your important information to the ad.
  • 3
    Upcoming Litter: Planning a litter? You can advertise it in a section of Europedogs solely for upcoming litters. Again, you can list photos of the parents, even past litters as well as all the important information.

Because they are all free, this is really an excellent choice when you advertise your puppies. They have a lot of traffic and present a very professional website.


#14: Gumtree

Gumtree is where to advertise puppies.

Gumtree is another site that is very similar to Kijiji in Canada, however, it offers items for sale in the UK and many other countries, including a Gumtree Australia. This site is a very popular e-commerce site, owned by eBay, like Kijiji is.

While you can sell just about anything on Gumtree, there is a section dedicated to dogs, specifically one for dogs. A lot of rescue organizations advertise on Gumtree, but it is gaining popularity as a place for breeders to advertise.

The cost to run a 30-day pet ad is £2.99 but you can upgrade it to be a featured ad for less than £20. Generally, due to the cost of each ad, you would run a single ad for each litter for the time that you have available puppies.

With roughly 46 million visitors every day to Gumtree, it is a great place to get exposure for your kennel and to get your puppies seen…and sold.

#15: Next Day Pets

Where to advertise puppies?  Next day pets offers one month or monthly subscriptions for breeders to list their puppies.

Our final site that we recommend is one that has been around for a long time, Next Day Pets, which is another popular American site. They offer a variety of services from setting up everything with the puppy buyer to simple ads for your litter. Like PuppyFind, you can list individual puppies, which allow you to have some fun with your ads.

The site boasts a high level of traffic every month and usually receives about 3 million unique visitors.

Placing an ad is free, however, for added bonuses, such as their PuppyMatch, you will need to subscribe. Cost is very economical, and you can start with a one-month plan for 29.95. This is perfect if you are only listing one litter a year as you will only need the listing up for one or two months.

If you are looking for a monthly subscription, Next Day Pets does offer it at $19.95 a month or 249.95 a year.  Monthly and yearly subscriptions give you enhanced features that will draw puppy buyers to you.

For both breeders and puppy buyers, it is an easy site to use and you don’t have to break the bank to keep your kennel listed and visible.

The Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many sites out there that offer you a way to sell your puppies. We’ve listed some of the best, but it is always important to do research before you list anywhere. Make sure that you are not promoting an unethical board or site.

In addition, before you list anywhere, take the time to get to know the site. If you find that the puppies being offered don’t seem healthy or in good condition, then that can be a red flag and you should find a different site to advertise on.

Finally, even after advertising, be sure to have a proper application form and invest in a website so people can find you. Every bit of exposure will only help your kennel and you’ll find yourself with more families waiting for your puppies than actual litters.

By following those tips and others throughout our site, you will be able to sell your puppies without too much difficulty and will be well on your way to selling your puppies.