Can You Sell A Puppy Without Shots? (HIDDEN TRUTH EXPOSED)

Legalities Around Selling Puppies Without Vaccination

I have diligently checked and it is safe to say that it is unethical to sell puppies without their shots.

For example, in the state of the Nevada, based on the primary citation N. R. S. 574.010 to 574.550, a breeder shall not sell a dog or cat unless a dog or cat has had “All the required vaccinations for rabies which are appropriate based upon their age.”

In which every seller should present during the point of sale.

The state of Florida have released a list of required vaccines for dogs that the law had mandated.

Some of which are Rabies, Canine Distemper, Parvovirus, Adenovirus, Parainfluenza, Leptospirosis, Bordetella, Roundworms and Hookworms.

The law considered the first four on this list as core dog vaccinations. Which are required to be given before their 8th week is up.

Different states have their own rules and laws regarding dog vaccines.

But these are just examples. Which will prove that no breeder should be selling puppies without any or complete vaccines required based on their age at the point of sale.

There are required vaccines that a puppy needs to have even before it is separated from their mother. Not completing these vaccines has its disadvantages to the puppy, the buyer and lastly to the seller or the breeder. 

In this article, I will be sharing both disadvantages and advantages (although very minimal) of selling puppies without shots.

I will also be sharing brief guide to the list of vaccines and their schedules for your reference.

You should know more about this whether you are planning to buy or thinking twice if you can sell a puppy without exposing it to required shots.

Introduction to Puppies and Shots

When we bought Bella, one of the things we ensured was to get a copy of her medical records. 

The first things you should ask when buying from a breeder are the dog’s medical record and their registration papers.

By getting the medical records of the dog prior to buying him or her, you will be able to determine that the breeder has done its due diligence in keeping their pups healthy through the required vaccinations. 

The seller of Bella has shown us a picture of the medical records and her papers. As we both had to travel and meet up for the transaction.

We knew that he didn’t want to waste his or our time like other breeders who cannot show these documents. Though, it’s not a big deal but having the documents at point of sale adds to confidence of the buyer to the seller.

This article will be discussing why it is a big NO to buy puppies without shots which will be proven by the medical records that should be surrendered to you upon sale.

Advantages of Selling Puppies Without Shots

Why do sellers dispose of puppies without shots? Are there advantages to it?

The only thing why breeders will even see a bit of benefit to this is because it saves them money.

The puppy is required to take several vaccines until it is time to sell them. It should be after its 8th week. And each shot costs money.

If you only had 1-3 puppies, you may think it doesn’t cost a lot. But when you breed medium to big dogs, there’s high tendency that you get more than 6-8 puppies per batch. 

I will give you an example with Bella. During her first batch, she gave birth to 8 puppies, 9 on her 2nd batch and 12 on her 3rd!

If all these puppies survive, just imagine how much money you have already spent. Starting from the vaccines to payment for the veterinarian to administer these shots probably it will cost you a lot.

That is one factor that I personally can think of and to me, this is when responsible breeding takes place.

You should prepare yourself before going into the breeding business.

You need to make sure that not only are you emotionally mature but you are also financially capable.

With further research, I found out other possible advantages that breeders see why they sell a puppy without shots.

Here’s a list of these points.


Same as saving cost, the non-vaccinated puppies may mean lesser or may be no trips at all to the vet.

You don’t need to drive and go bring 5-8 puppies to the vet just for their routine shots. No travel, cost, time and energy spent when this happens.

Fear of over vaccinating dogs 

I was able to read some other articles of breeders who claim about their dogs or puppies being over vaccinated. 

Which then causes other problems with their dogs like allergies, sickness or even dying even before their years are up.  

Although the whole idea is not yet fully proven, some “hobby breeders” are thinking this way. Thus, opting their puppies or dogs to not get the vaccines they require.

   Immediate need for money or dog

This is one of the odder reason why anyone will sell a puppy without shots.  

Either the seller badly needs the money so they are alright with pushing through the sale without any shots. Or the buyer is in a hurry to get the dog even they are less than an 8th week.

What are the Disadvantages of Selling Puppies Without Shots?

As what I mentioned in the earlier part of this article, it is illegal especially in some states for the sellers to sold puppies without the required vaccines at their age.

When I say illegal, it’s safe to say that there are disadvantages and consequences should breeders pursue in doing this.

I will highlight these so-called disadvantages for your reference, breeders and sellers.

So, everyone must understand why this should not be done.

The first two is more of disadvantage towards the seller and the last will constitute buyer disadvantage.

Risking the Health and Life of the Puppy

This is the most common disadvantage of buying dogs without shots.

You need to understand that there is the best time to take a puppy away from its mother. 

Leaving their mother earlier than the suggested age which is 8 weeks, poses a higher risk of these puppies catching diseases.

These diseases, should it affect the puppy may cause either a grave illness that is difficult to cure.

Such as parvovirus and go the extremes of death if the illness is too much for the puppy’s immune system to handle. 

Reduces Breeder’s Credibility

I considered word of mouth, in business, as very strong marketing strategy.

If you cannot afford to pay advertisements, but you have a good reputation, you can rely on your previous clients’ help.

In terms of spreading the news that doing business with you or your company is a good decision.

The same idea in breeding. If the seller is known to have a good reputation based on the puppies being produce and sell, one can be recommended to other people who plans to buy puppies in the future.

If the sellers had sold puppies without shots and the buyers got frustrated if the puppy they bought were not healthy enough, then these people can easily tell anyone not to buy from the seller again.

You may earn a lot as you saved some money from the cost of vaccines but eventually lose prospective clients due to bad experience.

   Waste of Buyer’s Money, Energy and Time

If you are the buyer of the puppy, you need to think twice about buying one that has no shots.

I can say that the mortality rate of puppies without shots are really high, because of the fact that their immune system is not yet that developed and then they are exposed to the outside world once sold.

I am not saying that you cannot take care of these puppies but vaccines will help in ensuring you get them as healthy as possible.

Just like spending money on anything important, it is a given that you wouldn’t want to let this money go to waste if you will end up having a real unhealthy pup.

Why do you Think Shots are Important?

Shots are actually important to dogs and puppies because vaccines or shots protects them from several highly contagious diseases like canine distemper, parvovirus as well as respiratory tract infections.

Dogs normally develop antibodies but there will be times that these antibodies will not be enough to fight the common diseases that these dogs or puppies can experience.

It might happen to the dog or puppy if vaccines were not given which will subject to a higher risk or illness and sometimes, even death.

Although there are conversations around this topic, which is to vaccinate your dogs or not, as a responsible pet owner and much more, a breeder, you will do this as it will ensure your puppies’ good health and immunity from different diseases.

Dogs need it too to have immunizations or vaccines to protect them from diseases much like a human baby.  

Here’s a few pictures we had during our scheduled visits to the vet for their immunization. 

My Husband holding 2 pups with shots

My husband holding 2 puppies(after injection)

If you are the type who’s still unsure if you need to do this or not, ask yourself.

First, will your puppy or your dog always well-protected inside your house or while under your care?

Second, what will happen if you want to walk your dog at the park or have them accompany you while jogging?

Third, what if you want to bring your fur baby and have a vacation with the family?

Lastly, what if you have invited to dog play dates? 

My point here is that there are lots of opportunity for your dog to catch diseases and as dogs, you cannot keep them caged their whole life, thinking these cages will actually save them from all possible illness.

Your dogs also have a life they need to live and enjoy.

You not being a responsible owner or breeder by not securing their immunization which will result to them not experiencing what they need to experience as dogs is just inhumane.

With all these being said, I assured IT IS IMPORTANT that your dogs or puppies should be vaccinated prior to being sold as well as be vaccinated with their scheduled shots as they grow up.

Simple Guide to Puppy Vaccination

This is more of a good to know for you, either as a breeder or a simple pet owner. 

As a responsible breeder, I am betting that you already know what vaccines have to be given to your puppies before putting it up for someone to buy. 

As a buyer and a future fur baby parent, this is to set your expectations that these are the shots you need to have prior and after buying your new pup.

Below is a table that shows the basic, recommended and optional vaccines for your dogs, taken from American Kennel Club.

As a rule of thumb and legally speaking, breeders should NEVER sell puppies without their shots.

This is an unethical and unbecoming behavior for a breeder. 

A few savings from vaccinations is just a short term happiness as it can cause you a bigger damage in the end once buyers and prospective customers stop considering you for future pet buying.