How To Mask the Scent of a Dog in Heat?

 Take note that if you plan to breed your dog, it is important that you’re aware of the first day of bleeding. Because you need to use this as a reference for the stud schedule.As a dog owner, it’s normal to see your dogs bark or act excited when you’re walking them around your village.

But if you have a female dog and have tried walking her while she was in heat, the reaction is a bit different.

Other dogs, especially male dogs would tend to act wilder than usual when a female dog (in heat) walks by.

There are different behaviors that a male dog displays, and we will cover that in this article. As well as, the ways of preventing it from happening.

What does it mean to mask the scent of a dog in heat?

To understand this better, let us refresh ourselves with the meaning of our dog is ‘in heat’.

Basically, when a female dog is in heat, they are in that most fertile phase of their productive cycle.

To a human being, this happens every month, but to dogs, it is every 6 months.

Interval in between months may change depending on the dog’s age, recent pregnancy, and a few more factors. But every 6 months is the standard.

Once the dog reached this phase, it normally takes 3 weeks to finish. So, your dog will be “in heat” for that long.

How do you know when your dog is in the heat?

Your dog will be in heat the for the first time when she reaches her 6th to 9th month. But is some cases it happens within her first year.

  • Your dog’s vulva is swollen. You do not need to worry because this swelling is not painful to your dog but take note of this.
  • Bleeding. Just like human beings, while in heat, your dog will have bleeding. This is a bloody discharge that you will notice and lasts until the 9th or 12th day.
  • Constant licking of her genital area.  Due to the bleeding, your dog will do her best to keep this area clean.  
  • Mounting behavior. If you have a female dog, then you may notice that she allows other dogs to mount on her and this is just normal.
  • Clingy behavior. During this time, there are changes going through her. And you might notice that your dog is clingier to you than usual

Take note that if you plan to breed your dog, it is important that you’re aware of the first day of bleeding. Because you need to use this as a reference for the stud schedule.

For more information about studding, you can check out the guide for studding your dog (for the first time)!

Other friendly reminders

When you notice these behaviors with your dog, you can then prepare the process of masking this scent when needed.

Before we go to the reasons why we need to do this, let’s just first understand what masking a dog scent means.

So female dogs, when in heat, produces a unique smell and this smell appeals to male dogs. As we know, this is a nature’s sign of telling male dogs that the female dog is indeed fertile.

We all know that dogs are famous for their sense of smell, so masking your female dog’s scent is needed.

Masking the scent while she is in heat means, concealing her scent to the other dogs.

For the next paragraphs, you will understand why it is important.

Why is there a need to mask the scent?

When a dog is in heat, she produces this scent that alerts male dogs around her that she is fertile.

In fact, when male dogs smell this, they will go crazy about it.

So, can you imagine having a female dog and another male dog at home or if you have more than one? What if you are a breeder and you have multiple female and male dogs?

I bet that crazy is an understatement when you describe that scenario.

And that is why masking the scent when needed is being done by dog owners.

One main reason for doing this is the male dog behaviors. Either the male dog is yours or happens to be your neighbors or someone else’s.

Male dog behaviors:

  • 1
    No matter how well behaved and trained your dog is, hormones will always make its way to them. It will cause them to be on behaviors you have never imagined.
  • 2
    Male dogs near your property will constantly come over, which might cause damage. As what they say, no fence is high for a dog that is in heat.
  • 3
    Male dogs are also territorial during this time, so when they are near your property, you can expect them to urinate often.
  • 4
    When dogs are territorial, then you can expect that they can act aggressively, especially with the presence of other male dogs.

Given these possible behaviors then, I couldn’t stress more the importance of masking the female’s scent when it heat.

Also, as much as possible, I strongly suggest that you don’t walk your female dog when she is in heat.

As it can definitely cause some chaos around the male ones that you will meet or see.

When do you need to mask it?

Once you notice the enumerated signs above, then it’s already time to start masking the scent of your dog in heat.

Remember that the earlier you do this, the faster way that you keep things in order. Especially, if you have male dogs with you, too.

If the masking procedure for your female dog takes 1 or 2 days to do, then keep away your male dog.

It is the best way to keep them from having any physical contact. Particularly, if this is something that you don’t want to happen, or scheduled to happen.

How to do it?

There are different ways to mask the scent of a female dog in heat. And, I will enumerate these ways for you to choose from.

Cleaning your house, outside the ordinary

When you have an ‘in heat’ female dog, then it is important that you constantly clean your house. Including, all the areas that she is accustomed to staying at.

Dog diapers

When bleeding is already happening, then this is the best option for you.

Keep the blood drops from spreading in your house, and at the same time mask that infamous scent, as much as possible.

Now dog diapers can also be worn by your male dogs when your female is in heat.

Having your male dogs wear this dog diaper will keep them from having any physical contact.

Again, it will keep both your male and female dogs healthy during the heat stage.

Use products to cover up the scent

There are so-called “bitch sprays” available in the market that would best fit your dog when she is in heat.

There are herbal sprays and some that contain methanol scents to keep unwanted attention from other dogs.

If you opt to use these sprays, make sure to spray it on your dog’s tail so it will mask the scent.  

Keep your dog from licking this part as then again, there are chemicals in the spray that might harm them.


There are also injections and pills that are available which would actually help in masking the scent.

An example is Proligestone which helps in treating hypersexuality in dogs as well as cats.

To know more about this medicine, schedule some time with your veterinarian. Ask about this prior to actually using it on your dogs, for safety.

Additional tips that you can follow while your dog is in heat

Before giving you additional tips, this is where the process of sterilization and neutering comes in to play.

It is highly suggested that you let your dogs undergo either neutering or spaying if all you want is to have a companion.

It brings more advantages such as healthier life, improved behavior, and health after the process.

When female dogs, do not have to undergo heat cycles anymore, they can fully enjoy their lives without the fear of unwanted pregnancies.

Now, if you still plan to breed your dogs but not necessarily all the time. then these are additional steps.

These can help you and your female dog during that stage.

Change your dog’s walk schedule

If possible, schedule your walks during the quieter hours to ensure that the presence of other dogs is lessened.

Remember that male dogs would most likely bother your female dog. She will not be open to that idea which then makes her uncomfortable.

Separating your male and female dog

If you have the luxury of space in your house, then separating your male and female dog is a good idea.  

Most often than not, the male dog is temporarily put in a cage so that they can be controlled.

As soon as the female dog has completed her heat cycle, then everything can be back to normal.

Feel free to place them in separate rooms so the scent of your female is also controlled.

You can keep your male dog from constantly whining and scratching the floor.

When spending quality time with your dogs, make sure this is done separately while your female dog is in heat.

This will lessen the time spent together by both dogs which then helps them in being relaxed.

Continue your regular walks with your male dog

He needs to get a fresh breeze and his energy is used and consumed while walking.

So, he would have enough once he gets home where your female dog is.

There are different ways, as mentioned above, in terms of masking the scent of your female dog while she is in heat.

Hopefully, these tips can help once you encounter this problem and hopefully it saves you and your dog from any unwanted pregnancies.

Remember that while your dogs are young, make sure to plan ahead of time. Schedule when and if you want them to have puppies or not.

If you don’t want your dogs to have puppies, then the best way to go is to spay them or get them neutered.

This is a decision that you need to make, prior to them reaching that “heat” cycle. So you can prepare for it properly.

If there will be times that she goes in heat and you don’t want the puppies yet, make sure that you are prepared.

Keep male dogs away from her and again have these unwanted pregnancies.